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Why You Should Replace Your Windows

Ever wish you could open your window for some fresh air, but the handle is stuck and it requires immense pressure to force it open? That’s a sign your existing windows need replacing.

Replacement Windows

New windows offer many benefits to your home and increase its value. They also provide safety and comfort. Visit https://www.kelemerbrothers.com/ to learn more.

One of the biggest reasons for replacing windows is to improve energy efficiency. Old windows often leak air, causing drafts and increasing your heating costs. Having new windows that are more energy efficient can significantly reduce your energy bills and make your home much more comfortable.

In addition to being more environmentally responsible, energy efficient replacement windows can increase the resale value of your home. Many buyers are willing to pay more for a well-maintained home with energy efficient features, especially when they know that the upfront cost will save them money in the long run.

The most effective way to increase the energy efficiency of your home is by using high-performing window and door products. Known as Energy Star-certified windows, these are designed to minimize heat transfer and prevent drafts. They feature insulated frames and Low-E glass. They also come with a tight seal, which can help to keep heat in during the winter and out during the summer.

There are a variety of options available for replacing your windows, including regular glass, fiberglass and composite. Regular glass provides several benefits, such as being affordable and easy to clean. It also offers excellent clarity and transparency, allowing natural light to fill spaces. However, it can be vulnerable to cracks and chips. For more durability, consider getting tempered or laminated glass.

New construction and replacement windows are installed by attaching nail fins directly to the studs of a wall, which creates a tight seal that reduces energy loss. The frame of a window is a significant contributor to its overall performance, so it’s important to choose the right type of frame for your home. Wood, vinyl and clad-wood frames are all great choices for energy efficiency.

If you’re thinking of replacing your windows, it’s best to work with a company that has a good reputation for quality and customer service. Some of the most reputable companies in the industry include Pella, Andersen, and Marvin. They have a wide selection of window types and sizes and offer a variety of warranty and financing options.


The aesthetics of a home can be defined by the paint colors, furniture, and wall art that you select. But the windows you choose can also contribute to the overall appearance of your living space. Upgrading your windows to new, modern ones can create a fresh, clean appearance that enhances your home’s aesthetics.

When choosing replacement windows, you’ll want to consider the frame material and style as well as the color and finish. Wood frames are popular for historic and traditional homes, while vinyl offers a sleek, low-profile look that complements most architectural styles. You’ll also be able to select from different grid patterns, such as a Prairie-style grid that suits Midcentury Modern homes, or Colonial grids that work best for Tudor or Victorian houses.

Another important aesthetic factor to consider is whether your windows will frame captivating views. By framing a beautiful landscape, serene body of water, or dynamic city skyline, you can instantly elevate your living spaces. You can even choose larger window sizes or strategically place them to maximize natural light in your living spaces, which can have many health benefits for you and your family.

There are many ways to enhance your home’s interior design with replacement windows, including adding a valance or cornice above them. These decorative accents are an excellent way to draw attention to your windows and create a focal point in any room. They can also be used to conceal window treatments and provide more privacy when desired.

Your choice of window treatment should complement the design elements in your home, such as crown molding and wainscoting. Consider a drapery panel or shade that blends with your room’s color scheme. If you have a bay window, consider using a curved rod to highlight the shape of the window and bring out its natural beauty.

Revamping your home’s interior and exterior is an opportunity to reflect your unique personality. By embracing the power of replacement windows, you can create a stunning space that not only captivates your guests, but provides you with an inviting atmosphere and countless benefits.

Increased Value

When it comes to home renovations, many homeowners are looking for ways to increase their property value. They typically think of bathroom or kitchen remodels, but replacement windows are an often overlooked home improvement project that can boost your house’s resale value.

In fact, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value report, replacing old windows is one of the top five projects for return on investment. They recoup 65% of the cost at resale, beating out projects like a minor kitchen remodel (59.1% return), midrange to upscale deck additions (62% return), and a composite deck (59% return).

Not only do new windows add value, but they also save you money from the moment they’re installed. Older windows allow air to escape, causing your HVAC system to work harder to keep your home warm or cool. Replacement windows offer better insulation, which helps lower your energy bills. The government-backed symbol for efficiency, Energy Star, estimates that you can cut your energy bill by 12% annually with newer windows.

Another way new windows add value is by improving your home’s curb appeal. If your windows are old and outdated, they can make your entire home look dated and unkempt. Modern, stylish replacement windows can create a more inviting appearance that’s sure to impress potential buyers.

If you want to add even more visual interest, consider incorporating bay or bow windows into your design. These unique window shapes can help add a focal point to your home’s exterior while letting in natural light and creating an extra living space.

Finally, replacement windows can improve your home’s security by making it more difficult for intruders to enter through unlocked doors or single-pane glass. This is especially true with casement or awning windows, which are sturdier and easier to open from the inside than traditional window styles.

If you’re ready to invest in replacement windows for your Northern California home, contact us today. We have a wide variety of window options that are sure to meet your needs and fit your budget. We’ll help you find the perfect fit for your home, so you can enjoy increased energy efficiency, a more comfortable home environment, and improved aesthetics.


When it comes to window replacement, safety is one of the most important aspects to consider. Not only are replacement windows often a major purchase for homeowners, but the installation process involves handling glass and tools, working at heights, and other potential hazards. By understanding some of the key safety measures, and choosing a contractor that prioritizes safety, you can ensure your family’s well-being while enjoying the benefits of new replacement windows.

A high-quality contractor will always take the necessary precautions to keep their workers and customers safe during the installation process. This includes covering the work zone with tarps and taking care to cover any furniture or wall decorations that will be kept in the area during construction. They will also take care to properly remove trim boards before beginning to minimize the amount of damage that could be done to the walls or existing trim.

The type of replacement window chosen will be a big factor in the safety of the installation process as well. Flush flange windows will have a flat frame that slides into place without having to be nailed or screwed into the studs of the wall, making them much easier for installers to use. On the other hand, insert windows fit directly into the existing frame of a window opening and are ideal for homes that want to maintain their historical design.

Another way to improve the safety of your windows is by adding multi-point locking systems to them. These are typically available on casement and awning windows, but can also be added to certain other types as well. These locks make it more difficult to break into your home through the window, as they require more than just one turn of the lock to open them.

During the installation process, the crew should be mindful of any pets or children that may wander into the work zone and take steps to keep them away from any construction activity. They will also carefully sweep and vacuum the work zone daily to minimize any dirt or debris that might fall on them, and will take care to place tarps over any areas that they will be walking through to protect your carpet. They should also make sure that any gates or barriers are kept closed to keep children and pets safely out of the work zone.